Thursday, January 26, 2012

The dungeon reno: Part 1

We are developing our dungeon......ahem, basement. Ugh. What a project. I think it is litterally sucking the life out me. And definitely bringing out my OCD tendencies when it comes to cleaning. I cannot keep the house clean enough. If blog posts seem to progressively have an air of mental insanity, please act - I need help.

So, I thought, why not walk you through the process. We are done framing, and almost done electrical and plumbing. Then it will be on to drywalling. Here's where we are at:

(ignore the incredibly horrible pictures - it is real dark down there right now!)

You walk down the stairs into an extra wide hallway - I hate narrow hallways, especially at the bottom of the stairs, but because our furnace is in the middle of our basement, we couldn't lay it out any other way, so if I HAD to have a hallway at the bottom of the stairs, it was going to be a wide one!! Then at the end of the hall is our bathroom containing a soaker tub (ahhhhhhh) and shower, toilet, and vanity.

Beside the bathroom is the laundry closet. Not enough room for a room, but I will spiff it up a bit with french doors.....I am in LOVE with french doors.

Then you walk into the main room where we are putting in a a fireplace flanked by bookcases.

Dman is running the electrical for the 100 million recessed lighting fixtures. I think the KEY to any room looking magazine worthy, and especially a room in the basement, is lighting. So, so,so important!!

What a job. But it will be worth it!!

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