Monday, August 23, 2010

2 years.

Two years ago today, Dman and I married. Hands down, best day of my life so far (I know that when the little bean shows up, this will probably change).

Can I just say, I am SO lucky. I married my best friend, and for that I would trade nothing.

He is so good to me. We laugh all the time about the silliest things. He knows my thoughts even before I express them. He embodies everything that a man, husband, and preisthood holder should. He is my example, my light, my everything.

We have a beautiful thing going on.

We celebrated the day on Saturday. Festivities included:
-Layed in bed until we felt like getting up
-Exchanged cards/love letters (we don't do presents...too expensive)
-Made a big breakfast consisting of fresh blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon
-Went to the temple to do sealings (yearly tradition.....I make it sound like we have been married for so long...this is only number 2)
-Went out for dinner to the Cactus Club. YUMMMMMM
-Came home and took the mutts on a walk (side note: during which, we stumbled across a teenage couple getting it on in broad view, while it was still light out -we were flabbergasted)
-Watched a romantic movie

On our way to the temple.......

My handsome hubby...

Ready for dinner....

Tonight we will write in our anniversary journal - this was Dman's "gift" to me last year - every year for the rest of our mortal existence we will write in this journal about the past year's events, post pictures of the current year's anniversary date, and insert our love letters to eachother. I treasure it already and this is only year number two.

I love my Dman.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I just felt my baby kick for the very first time. Just now. And today I am exactly 16 weeks.
It's like he/she is celebrating the kicking me!!

I had to ask a couple ladies at this gas or digestion, or my baby kicking? We determined that since it hasn't stopped for about half an hour, and I haven't released any gas, and since it is on my side, it is most definately baby!


Leah xoxo

Friday, August 6, 2010

I warned you...

....that my baby bump is a bit ridiculous.
So here we go. Me at 15 weeks:

I feel like I should be 25 weeks not 15!!!

So far I have gained 15 pounds. YIKES. I haven't been able to put on more than 2 pounds since I was 14!!! I have litterally been the same weight since junior high.

I did a pregnancy weight calculator thingy the other day, and if I continue gaining weight at the same rate, I will gain 60 pounds by the end of my pregnancy!!!

Oh my, oh my.

I am hoping my body is just playing catch up because I was underweight when I got pregnant. LET"S HOPE!!

In other news, I finally went on Diclectin and I feel like I partially got my life back!! I was trying to be strong and not go on any medication because I just didn't want to take anything that could even remotely harm my little bean. But by 3 months, I had had enough of puking my guts out all day every day.

Question for you moms out there: do you ever feel like 'yourself' again?

I mean, I got pregnant and now my body has been taken over by this little alien (who I LOVE), and I keep thinking 'I can't wait just to have him/her so I can have my body back' but that won't really be the case will it? Cause if I am breastfeeding, the boobs will be his/hers. Right now I am a walking incubator, and then I will be a walking smorgasbord, and then we will probably pop out another one.

Or maybe I should take the approach that now I am just more of me - fufilling my eternal role as incubator.

Yup, that's the winner.

Cause seriously, body being taken over aside, this whole pregnancy thing really is a miracle. I just can't stop revelling at the fact that there is a living human inside of me.

Pretty cool.

Anyway, I will try to update more. That is, when I am not passed out on the couch with a migrain, exhaustion, or other perils.

Leah xoxo