Monday, August 23, 2010

2 years.

Two years ago today, Dman and I married. Hands down, best day of my life so far (I know that when the little bean shows up, this will probably change).

Can I just say, I am SO lucky. I married my best friend, and for that I would trade nothing.

He is so good to me. We laugh all the time about the silliest things. He knows my thoughts even before I express them. He embodies everything that a man, husband, and preisthood holder should. He is my example, my light, my everything.

We have a beautiful thing going on.

We celebrated the day on Saturday. Festivities included:
-Layed in bed until we felt like getting up
-Exchanged cards/love letters (we don't do presents...too expensive)
-Made a big breakfast consisting of fresh blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon
-Went to the temple to do sealings (yearly tradition.....I make it sound like we have been married for so long...this is only number 2)
-Went out for dinner to the Cactus Club. YUMMMMMM
-Came home and took the mutts on a walk (side note: during which, we stumbled across a teenage couple getting it on in broad view, while it was still light out -we were flabbergasted)
-Watched a romantic movie

On our way to the temple.......

My handsome hubby...

Ready for dinner....

Tonight we will write in our anniversary journal - this was Dman's "gift" to me last year - every year for the rest of our mortal existence we will write in this journal about the past year's events, post pictures of the current year's anniversary date, and insert our love letters to eachother. I treasure it already and this is only year number two.

I love my Dman.


  1. i love the anniversary journal!!! That is a great keepsake and tradition that I would like to if only i can get my husband to write something more than "another year down, it was a good one." hahaha