Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Charlie.

This is Charlie.

Charlie is our new little guy. I mentioned here that we were going to have an addition to our family due to the fact that Sadie's breeder offered us a free puppy. Well, here he is!

Isn't he precious!

This is the night we brought him home:

My sister Kailey

With Dad

And Mom.

And Brother.

We already love him to pieces and Tommy has a new best friend. They are so cute together!


He's just a funny little ball of fluff. Thinks he's a lot bigger than he actually is. Tries to pick play fights with Tommy but then runs back to me for protection when Tommy wants to fight back.

And oh the puppy stage and everything that goes along with it. The biting, the peeing, the pooing. Oh yeah, and this dog eats his poop!

As soon as its out, he eats it. I know, what the heck? Maybe he is "special". We love him none-the-less though. Poo eating and all!

Leah xoxo

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some recent stuff......

I posted a new photo shoot on the photography blog. Life has been so hectic recently what with the move, new job and Christmas and now renovations that I have been slow to edit! Not to mention, I did a huge wedding a while back, so I have been a pretty busy girl. Just thought I would share something new.

Happy weekend everyone! And enjoy your v-day's with your lovers!

Leah xoxo

Monday, February 8, 2010

My early day of love

Dylan and I decided to hold our Valentine's Day Festivities this past weekend because next weekend we are getting our new PUPPY and we figure we will be too preoccupied with the cutie-pie to want to leave him.

We are pretty tight on money this year (as we were last - Dylan be done with school already!!!) so splurging on some fantastic and enchanting night out was not an option.

Instead we went to WEM and played a fun little game (which do note, would have been held at the most divine store in the whole wide world - Anthropologie - if I had a million dollars).

Do to the absence of said million dollars, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. We walked the store and then had 10 minutes to pick out a present (under $20) for each other that related to our new home. No matter if we did not want the item ourselves. It had to be STRICTLY for the other person.

I got Dylan this:


A Scale.

No, I was not trying to get my husband to loose weight because he doesn't need to (I must say, my hubby has a great bod). He is just a weight watcher, consumed with working out in our basement. Anywho, when we moved I threw out our old yucky one so he really wanted a new one. Hence, the scale.

D-man got me this:


You got it, I now have my very own under-the-bed shoe storage! He thinks I have too many shoes. It was quite thoughtful actually. You see, he also thinks I have too many clothes, and getting this amazing invention will free up space in my PAX wardrobe so that I can fit more clothes.

Or maybe selfish because he doesn't want me inevitably moving in uninvited to his closet space. Hmm. I will go with thoughtful.

Following BBAB we went out for dinner at Earl's. Mama Wilson got us a giftcard to Earl's for Christmas so obviously that was where we were headed for dinner! I got Chili chicken and pan bread and Dylan got baby-back ribs. I got my baby-back, baby-back........... nevermind.

So that was my 2010 Valentine's day. It was fun and cute. Sin fancy. But I was with my lover-boy so that's all that matters right? RIGHT!

Leah xoxo

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's official!

This guy is a part of our family!


TOMMY has been our foster dog (see HART) for 3 1/2 months now and he has slowly worked his way into our hearts. He was with us when Sadie died - a VERY hard time for us - and he really helped us through it. He was there for us and so, we have FALLEN for him. Hook, line and sinker.


The other day, someone called to adopt him. They were very serious. They wanted him the next day. I called Dylan to share the news and we just couldn't do it. We both choked up at the thought of never seeing this amazing friend again.

We weighed the options, and on this decision we decided to go with our hearts. Our heads told us, it just isn't practical because we have another puppy on the way (Sadie's breeder offered us a free puppy - but more on that later - this is Timmy's time to shine) and I NEVER EVER wanted a shedding dog. I mean, gross. And we want to start a family. And they are a huge responsibility. But we decided that life would just be too boring and monotonous if we only followed our heads. So we decided to KEEP HIM!

When I hing up the phone, I don't know the last time I was so happy. A rush of joy replaced the sick feeling I had in the pit of my stomach at the news of his prospective parents. Dylan said he also almost barfed.


So there you have it.

For those of you thinking about getting a dog, DO IT! They are truly amazing animals. And please think about adoption. HART has 21 puppies up for adoption right now. And that is just puppies. The sad thing is that so long as their numbers are so high, they cannot rescue anymore dogs and during this COLD WINTER, the puppies just cannot make it out on the streets. Not to mention the abuse that these animals go through is something you can only see to believe....I have never seen anything quite like it.

Tommy was rescued from Hobema. He was shaking like a leaf under a truck because some kids were hitting him with hockey sticks. At the young age of 3 months, he is one of the worst abuse cases HART has seen. He still to this day is VERY fearful of leashes and collars - our theory: that someone was abusing him while he was tied up. When we got him he had lacerations all over his head and ears. Poor baby.

Don't want a permanent dog? Remember how I said that HART has so many dogs that they cannot go out and rescue anymore right now? Well, they also need foster parents just like us to take care of the dogs until someone adopts them. Keep in mind that I have never been a parent, but I have never experienced something so rewarding as fostering dogs. Yeah sure, it isn't 'convenient', but I am so sick of our society and how we dictate our lives around what is 'perfect' and 'convenient. Step out of your comfort zone because some of GOD'S CREATURES need you!


After all, dog is man's BEST FRIEND.