Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Farmin' it.

This past weekend we took a trip out to a pumpkin farm/corn maze/everything you can think to do farm just north of the City. And we had a blast.


Pet some animals

Pretended to be pirates

Measured our height. Hadley is 2'3".

Rode on a swing

Were enamored by "Super-Pumpkin"

Rode on Daddy's shoulders

Played in the hay

Took a weird bike ride


Got lost in the corn maze

Went on a hay ride

Saw pumpkins being shot out of a cannon

Ate hot dogs and fudge

Good times. Have I mentioned I LOVE fall?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

8 months.

8 months and she thinks she is numero uno (#1)!! We kinda do too.

I cannot believe 8 months is already here. When I was a girl there were a couple ages that seemed soooooo old to me. They were 12, 19, and 23. As a mom there are also a couple ages that seem sooooo old to me and 8 months is one of them!! Oh tear. I just can't believe how fast my baby is ceasing to be a baby!

We have hit A LOT of milestones this month. Boy, have we ever! The pediatrician says that she is "advanced".....haha. I think it is too funny, but I am also perrrrty proud of our little chica.

Recent developments include:

-Crawling (at 7 1/2 months). This girl gets around!! Cannot keep her out of stuff. But I love it - so much fun.
-Pulling herself up to standing on furniture and anything sturdy enough.
-Walking holding onto our hands......and I do mean an actual walk, not a parent forced, oh she moved a foot walk. No, no, a full on walk around the church/house/store walk.
-Walking along furniture.
-Pointing to EVERYTHING with a..... "do"?
-Dancing to music
-Sleeping from 8pm to 8am. For the longest time she slept from 8pm to 7am but now that its staying dark longer, she has extended her nights by an hour and I LOVE it!
-Loves her bath more than ever now that she can boot around the tub and gather all her toys.
-18 lbs.....and I don't know her current height.
-Eating soft solids (ie. breads, meats, egg yolks, etc)
-She's been a gabby girl since she could make noises, but this month she REALLY started to talk to us. Like she will yell at me to get my attention and then when she has it, she lowers her voice and babbles at me as if to tell me something.

And just a few more pics:

Oh how I love this girl. More than I ever thought I could love another human being. I seriously, no jokes or exaggerations, LOVE being a mom to her. Every second of it. Even the hard ones. She just makes everything easy and fun.

Please don't ever change Hads - I adore you!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Prayers needed.

Usually I don't like to get too heavy on the ole' blog. Usually I don't like to play show and tell with my personal problems - I don't want to seem all attention needy or anything.

But this is not one of those times. In regards to this, I don't care how I come off. All I care about are prayers. Let me explain.

This is David:

David and I go way back. You see back in our high school days, Dman, myself and 4 other guys (one of which was David) were inseparable. Everyday after school we would trot off to my house or Nicks house, eat, and play Pokemon on Nintendo 64 (SUPER cool, I am well aware). That is with the exception of football and basketball season because Dman and David played on our high school teams together and practices were after school. Anyway, after high school we have held our quarter annual games nights, celebrated holidays together, and most recently all four guys became uncles when Hadley was born. These guys, and most importantly to this post, David, are very important people in our lives.

Just over a week ago, David had a very serious accident while riding his bicycle, leaving him severely injured and in a coma. At first the docs only gave David a 50/50 chance of making it. Since those first very rough few days, things are getting better. He is still in a coma, and the docs don't really know the extent of his brain damage. But the good news is that they do know that it isn't a brain stem injury (which means he is not brain dead - a fear early on), both of his eyes are responding to light now, he has been taken off most sedation, will hopefully soon be taken off the ventilator, and he is starting to move.

But the docs need David to wake up. This, I hope, is where you come in. I plead for your prayers for David. I know it could be weird to pray for someone you don't know, so heck, I don't care, pray for "that guy on Leah's blog" or "Leah's friend". Please, just please, include him in your prayers if/when you get down on your knees tonight. If you do not pray, then please have him in your thoughts.

We need him to make it and we need him to wake up as David. Hadley needs to know her Uncle Dave. I really cannot imagine having to explain to her who he was and how important he was to us through pictures. I want all of her surrogate uncles to be present in her life.

So, thank you for your prayers. They would mean the world to our family at this time.