Monday, October 3, 2011

Prayers needed.

Usually I don't like to get too heavy on the ole' blog. Usually I don't like to play show and tell with my personal problems - I don't want to seem all attention needy or anything.

But this is not one of those times. In regards to this, I don't care how I come off. All I care about are prayers. Let me explain.

This is David:

David and I go way back. You see back in our high school days, Dman, myself and 4 other guys (one of which was David) were inseparable. Everyday after school we would trot off to my house or Nicks house, eat, and play Pokemon on Nintendo 64 (SUPER cool, I am well aware). That is with the exception of football and basketball season because Dman and David played on our high school teams together and practices were after school. Anyway, after high school we have held our quarter annual games nights, celebrated holidays together, and most recently all four guys became uncles when Hadley was born. These guys, and most importantly to this post, David, are very important people in our lives.

Just over a week ago, David had a very serious accident while riding his bicycle, leaving him severely injured and in a coma. At first the docs only gave David a 50/50 chance of making it. Since those first very rough few days, things are getting better. He is still in a coma, and the docs don't really know the extent of his brain damage. But the good news is that they do know that it isn't a brain stem injury (which means he is not brain dead - a fear early on), both of his eyes are responding to light now, he has been taken off most sedation, will hopefully soon be taken off the ventilator, and he is starting to move.

But the docs need David to wake up. This, I hope, is where you come in. I plead for your prayers for David. I know it could be weird to pray for someone you don't know, so heck, I don't care, pray for "that guy on Leah's blog" or "Leah's friend". Please, just please, include him in your prayers if/when you get down on your knees tonight. If you do not pray, then please have him in your thoughts.

We need him to make it and we need him to wake up as David. Hadley needs to know her Uncle Dave. I really cannot imagine having to explain to her who he was and how important he was to us through pictures. I want all of her surrogate uncles to be present in her life.

So, thank you for your prayers. They would mean the world to our family at this time.

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  1. Great blog. I'm praying lots for our friend david. Can't stop thinking about it all actually. Come on thursday morning with us? (thanks for commenting ont he blog haha i deleted that post- just had a moment!)