Thursday, November 8, 2012


Oh my Hadley, she is a character and this Halloween was the perfect example of why.

Let's start with the getup.  This year miss Hads was a cute little elephant.

Thank you Carter's - I love your $12 costumes!!!

We really didn't do a whole lot for halloween outside of trick-or-treating this year cause I had a bad case of the flu.  But we carved our pumpkins which we all got really into.

 I posted a "whose pumpkin is better" competition on facebook, and I am very happy to say that I won!!  Mine is the one on the right and Dman's is on the left.

Then we went out trick-or-treating on Halloween, and let me just tell you, Hadley was hilarious!!   Dman and I were seriously busting a gut laughing at her as she trick-or-treated.  It was -13C with the windchill but that didn't deter this girl AT ALL.  She went to over 50 houses and we were out for 2 hours!!!  She is 20 months!!!!  She caught on really quick to the fact that if you go to these doors, knock, and look cute, they give you candy.  So this was the drill: she would SPRINT from house to house, approach the door, knock, and when they came to the door say "I want treats" (pronounced "I wan teats"), as they placed them in her bag she said thank you every time, and then without hesitation waved and said "bye" as she headed off sprinting to the next house.

Every 10 minutes or so we would ask: "Hadley do you want to go home or do more?" and every single time her answer was "more!!!".  I finally had to call it quits when I was getting tired and cold.  I wonder how long she would have gone for.  People were giving us some disapproving looks towards the end when they opened their door and looked WAY down only to find a little toddler.  A couple people actually said, "oh don't you think she might be cold?". haha oh boy.

Here she is going through her loot after.  She got a full bag.  That's our girl!!!  Its a little known fact that Dman and I went trick-or-treating every year until we were 19!!! haha We even debated going when we were 21 and totally would have had we not been married.  That's what you can get away with when you are blessed with have a baby face!!

That was our 2012 Halloween.  It was soooo much fun thanks to our girl!