Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tami & Mike engagement shoot

So, here is my first official photo shoot - and engagement shoot with Mike and Tami. These guys were fun to work with - a little camera shy at the beginning, but with some persuasion and compliments, they really warmed up to the camera and me. I think we got some great shots....these are some of my favorites (and sorry, but I can't just share a few so, WARNING: lots of pictures ahead!)


new hair

I CHOPPED my hair off a couple weekends ago. Why? I don't know, I think I needed a change. And boy, did I ever get a change! Thought I would share some pics of my new hairdo.

Leah :)

Monday, July 13, 2009


I have been a BAD blogger of late. And why? What have I been up to, what's my excuse? NOTHING! I am just lazy I guess.

Lately has consisted of:

-Got my hair cut SUPER short a couple weeks ago - I will post pics later. At first it really scared me and I liked it one day and then didn't the next. But now, I think it has grown on me and I think it may stay a while. Dylan says we are now officially ready to have kids - married (check), dog (check), and now the Mom haircut (check)!

-I re-decorated our master bedroom (again pics will come later because I am waiting to get a new lamp and a clock). I did it in all white....walls white, furniture white....the only color is shots of a light blue-green in the bedding, the lamp shade and some paintings that I did. I am looking for a cute alarm clock.....I have looked at homesense and winners.....any ideas anyone??? I am thinking I want a retro looking little table clock in white or silver.

-I think Sadie is FINALLY house trained. Fewf! She has accidents here and there but she knows to go pee pee and poops outside now, so we are elated.

-I have been humming and hawing about my career and where I want it to go. As most probably know, I work in commercial real estate / development downtown in a position that I always thought would be my "dream" job but in the last couple months I have realised that what I was brought up to be (a hard-working, career driven, success-minded person) is not who I want to be. I am a VERY creative person (painting, scrapbooking, interior decorating and photography are what I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and I feel stagnant and like I am in a creative black hole in this job - most importantly I am not happy. So what to do? I don't know and this is the problem. Where does one find a job that is a creative outlet, that I enjoy and that I get paid for? I have been taking a whole bunch of photography courses and really trying to expand my talents in that division so I am seriously thinking about slowly making it into a career. First I need subjects......anyone want FREE family, baby, or wedding photos? Just ask! Anyway, I need advice! What should I do, what should I pursue NOW so that I do not go insane.

-I am in a photography course right now so the other day I took some pics of my neice and nephew. We were just in their house so not the greatest backdrop, I know, but here is what I snapped:

Leah :)