Monday, July 13, 2009


I have been a BAD blogger of late. And why? What have I been up to, what's my excuse? NOTHING! I am just lazy I guess.

Lately has consisted of:

-Got my hair cut SUPER short a couple weeks ago - I will post pics later. At first it really scared me and I liked it one day and then didn't the next. But now, I think it has grown on me and I think it may stay a while. Dylan says we are now officially ready to have kids - married (check), dog (check), and now the Mom haircut (check)!

-I re-decorated our master bedroom (again pics will come later because I am waiting to get a new lamp and a clock). I did it in all white....walls white, furniture white....the only color is shots of a light blue-green in the bedding, the lamp shade and some paintings that I did. I am looking for a cute alarm clock.....I have looked at homesense and winners.....any ideas anyone??? I am thinking I want a retro looking little table clock in white or silver.

-I think Sadie is FINALLY house trained. Fewf! She has accidents here and there but she knows to go pee pee and poops outside now, so we are elated.

-I have been humming and hawing about my career and where I want it to go. As most probably know, I work in commercial real estate / development downtown in a position that I always thought would be my "dream" job but in the last couple months I have realised that what I was brought up to be (a hard-working, career driven, success-minded person) is not who I want to be. I am a VERY creative person (painting, scrapbooking, interior decorating and photography are what I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and I feel stagnant and like I am in a creative black hole in this job - most importantly I am not happy. So what to do? I don't know and this is the problem. Where does one find a job that is a creative outlet, that I enjoy and that I get paid for? I have been taking a whole bunch of photography courses and really trying to expand my talents in that division so I am seriously thinking about slowly making it into a career. First I need subjects......anyone want FREE family, baby, or wedding photos? Just ask! Anyway, I need advice! What should I do, what should I pursue NOW so that I do not go insane.

-I am in a photography course right now so the other day I took some pics of my neice and nephew. We were just in their house so not the greatest backdrop, I know, but here is what I snapped:

Leah :)


  1. Cute Leah, I want to see you hair and bedroom pics! And the photos are great, it looks like you are doing great at that, maybe keep pursueing that!

  2. Hey Leah, I'm not sure if you know me. I am Jessica- the girl who used to babysit Jade. I ran into you at the mall with Robyn. Anyway, I think you take great shots and if thats what you want to do- go for it! If you need new subjects, I'd be all over that! if you can pin a 2yr old down and a 26yr old who doesn't enjoy pictures- you're a pro in my books!

  3. Hey leah sign me up for pregnancy shots!! I'm a bit target right now so you can't miss!!! i think you'd be great a photography you need to teach me because i have a pretty nice camera just don't know how to use it! I want to learn for when baby low is here!

  4. Hey Jessica, totally remember you!! I would love to take your pics......were you just thinking mother/daughter pics or family ones? Let me know and we can set up a date and time. Do you like outdoors shots or studio shots? Send me your number so that I can call you. And Kamry......yay, I would love, love to do your prego pictures! I will be calling you.....