Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tami & Mike engagement shoot

So, here is my first official photo shoot - and engagement shoot with Mike and Tami. These guys were fun to work with - a little camera shy at the beginning, but with some persuasion and compliments, they really warmed up to the camera and me. I think we got some great shots....these are some of my favorites (and sorry, but I can't just share a few so, WARNING: lots of pictures ahead!)



  1. Awesome job, Leah. I love these two, and you got some great pics of them!

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  3. I had to come and take a look at these pictures. You made my brother look not too awkward, i am impressed!
    Leah these are amazing! I love them all, you have a real talent!

  4. LEAH!!! Good job, I think you found your calling. Keep up with the photography, I think this is what you should do! And Tami and Mike are so cute, you captured there cutness just perfect! Very creative shots too!