Monday, March 28, 2011


Have you ever seen anything cuter?

I can only think of one word when I look at it. Love. The two loves of my life who I love, who love each other, and who love me.

I LOVE it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Life with Hadley

Its been a while. Where to even begin!

We are all doing VERY well. Its been an adjustment but once she and I got each other figured out, everything has really been smooth sailing (with the exception of nursing).

Thank you SO much to everyone who commented on my last post. People's help and reassuring words totally pulled me through. We have the sleep thing figured out and let me tell you, she is an AMAZING sleeper. The last week my 7 week old baby has slept 8 hours straight. Maybe those are flukes, we will see, but on a normal night she only ever wakes up once. She goes to bed at 9:30pm, wakes up to feed around 3am and then goes back to bed until about 8am. A dream. I think it was the advice I received on keeping it totally quiet and dark when we feed her at night. Plus, before giving birth we read Babywise (a book on sleep training) and implemented a pretty strict schedule about 2 weeks after she was born. I have received a lot of flack for putting my baby on a schedule, but did I mention that my 7 week old sleeps 8 hours straight!?

Napping in the that's a different story. How do I get her to nap in her crib!? I don't get it.....night-time is fine....daytime, not so much!

I feel like she is growing and developing so fast. I know every mom probably says this, but it just seems like she is so ahead of the game, like she is too old too fast. She is SO alert, loves to stand all the time, can totally hold her head up (started that at about 2 weeks), and smiles and laughs with us (the BEST thing in the world).

Dman and I had out first date this past weekend. It was great and MUCH needed, but I missed Hadley SO much. I was so happy to see her fussy little face when we picked her up (her fussy time is 7-9.....sorry mom and dad!!!).

Little traits I love about Hadley:

-Her poop face. She frowns, her eyes go REALLY big and wide, she flairs her nostrils, and her lips make an o.....that's how we know she is taking a poo.

-She loves getting her diaper changed and has a conversation filled with giggles and smiles with me when she does.

-I have a framed "I am a child of God" print above her change table and since day 1 she just stares and stares at it. Now that she can smile she stares at it and smiles. Coincidence?

-Her skinny, skinny little neck.

-Her finger toes and monkey fingers.

-Her Dad's hairline.

-Bathtime. She LOVES bathtime. It consists of lots of kicks and giggles.

-She can seriously stand on her own. We of course have to hold her lightly for stability, but that's it.......I think she might be an early walker!

-When she is done her bottle she knocks it out of her makes me laugh just thinking about it......I forsee a stubborn little girl in my future.

Anyway, here are some pics from the first 7 weeks of Hadley's life (and I promise to keep more up to date from now on....its just SO hard to post when my baby won't nap well!!):

With one brother:

And the other:

Chillin' on the couch:

And chillin' with Dad:

At her baby blessing with my parents:

And both sets of grandparents:

Well, that's our Hads (as we so fondly call her). We seriously adore her. She is such an awesome little girl.