Monday, March 29, 2010

We were feeling silly.

It's Sunday after dinner.

We played a couple rounds of Mexican Train and then Dman pulled out the Halloween candy. That's right, we like to pon of our old candy on family and friends.

The treat of choice: chocolate eyeballs. So we thought we would give em a try as eyeballs.
It was REALLY hard to get them to stay in the sockets. And it was REALLY funny. My abs still hurt from laughing so hard.

Good 'ol Wilson humor.

Scott was the best at it.

Kailey too.

My Mom, not so bad.

I was hopeless. Oh well, I have other talents.

I LOVE SUNDAYS! And I love my family.

Leah xoxo

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Take a look at my latest photo shoot with my nephew Braddock over here.

Such a cutie-pa-tutie!

Leah xoxo

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So lucky.

Today I feel LUCKY.
This may not look like much to someone who has their very own real laundry room, but to me this is heaven.

My sweet husband has listened to me complain about how I HATE doing laundry in the icky, dingy, dirty basement so he surprised me with an as-good-as-we-can-get-until-we-can-afford-to-develop-the-basement laundry room.

My heart melted.

He used the cabinets and counter tops that we ripped out of the bathrooms for storage and a folding surface, added a rug so that I didn't have to stand on the concrete and worry about dropping freshly washed clothes on the dirty floor, and even hung a picture to make it feel un-basementy.

And look, these are the dried flowers that I have saved from our first anniversary back when we were just 16! Nice touch Dman.

I am one lucky girl. This reminded me all over again why I married him. I just feel all too blessed that I have a husband that is so in tune with what I need.
He knows me inside and out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I was sick today.

And they were very sympathetic. Didn't leave my side all day. Even went as far to make sure they were both on the same pillow as me - just in case I might need them.

NOTE: No, I have not changed my bedroom colors to chocolate brown and orange - that ugly thing that is covering me is my 'sick blanket'.

Leah xoxo

Monday, March 15, 2010

My master retreat.

So I figured that since I do not want to share pictures of my house until the final product is done, and I am just too anxious to share, that I would let you in project by project, room by room.

The first on the list and a room that I got done right away is our master bedroom. I pretty well brought everything from the condo, and painted it the same color: white!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (did I mention I LOVE) a white bedroom. It feels like I am on vacation everyday!

NOTE: I did not take before pictures of a lot of our renos for some stupid reason - I think I was just too excited to get started. So just picture an UGLY BOX and that is what I started with.

So here she is, my new room:

It's all in the details.......

A little bling bling....

My vintage inspired alarm clock from IKEA. Super cute and super CHEAP!

This used to be in my bathroom, but when gutting the bathroom, we added more cabinets so I did not need this anymore. It serves as a great bedside table don't you think! I might get D-man to cut the legs off a bit cause I think it is a tad too high.

These are the drapes I made:

Out of ivory VELVET!! The master bedroom/love shack is the perfect place for a little bit of luxe and swag in my opinion.

Speaking of luxe/glam, meet my chandelier:

And my mirror with a beveled mirror frame that I got for Christmas. LOVE it.
Please ignore my Saturday house cleaning dress.

Our closet used to look like this:

Until we installed these:

Our PAX wardrobe systems from IKEA. I LOVE them! D-man and I agree: best money we have ever spent. And oh so attractive as well. I went with an off-white shaker style door.

Take a peak inside to witness them in all their glory:

Organization bliss.
There are cubbies for my jewels.

Pull-out hangers for my pants:

And a drawer for my sweaters:

The perfect finishing touch!

The only thing left on my list for this room is a upholstered bench for the end of the bed. Keep an eye out on Kijiji for me...I love a furniture-redo project!

So there you have it: my vacation room in Edmonton. My must-follow rules for a master bedroom:

1. It must be light and airy - who wants to feel like they are sleeping in a cave.
2. It must be romantic.
3. It must be glamorous - leave practicality for the rest of the house. This is your retreat so make sure it feels like one.
4. It must be organized and tidy. Nothing kills the romance like laundry and dirty socks lying all over the floor. (I know, the moms are thinking: 'she has no idea, just wait till she has kids' - and you are right, I am sure it will get a little harder to pick up after two children - get it, Dylan and a kid = 2 children - but I think this is a MUST. I know that I will ALWAYS need a RETREAT and even more so when I have kids.)
5. It must feel like I am on vacation which is achieved by all of the above.

Hope you enjoyed my bedroom tour! Next up: my new mission style doors!

Leah xoxo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear time,

Leah here. Please slow down. If you plan on ignoring my request, please consider the following first:

-I work a full time job all day, everyday.
-I come home and have to make supper.
-I have to run a business - pictures are not going to edit themselves and clients do not like waiting 2 months to get their pics back. I do not like editing till I go to sleep every night.
-I have a house to clean and take care of.
-I have bills to pay and groceries to buy.
-I have to make enough money to support my husband, myself and our expenses.
-I have two callings, both of which require a lot of my time.
-I have to serve the Lord.
-I have to do missionary work.
-I have a house to renovate.
-I am a landlord and have a tenant to deal with.
-I have puppies to pay attention to.
-HART needs my help.
-I have a lot of doctors appointments lately.
-And somewhere in all this I have to find time to dedicate to friends and family, and if I am lucky me?

I can't keep everything straight with how fast you go. I am feeling overwhelmed. Can you please just maybe add a couple hours to each day or pause for while, or heck, maybe you could invent a machine that makes me money so I dont have to work my life away and feel the presure of finances on my solitary shoulders each day. Maybe?

Please get back to me as soon as possible because I fear I may go nuts if you do not.

Yours truly, and waiting in anticipation for something to change,

Leah Karch

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look what I found.

The other day, painted on the hideous wall, that existed behind the hideous mirror, that we removed from our hideous bathroom, I found this:

Cute huh. D-man is thoughtful and always surprising me like that. I'm a lucky gal.

Leah xoxo