Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dear time,

Leah here. Please slow down. If you plan on ignoring my request, please consider the following first:

-I work a full time job all day, everyday.
-I come home and have to make supper.
-I have to run a business - pictures are not going to edit themselves and clients do not like waiting 2 months to get their pics back. I do not like editing till I go to sleep every night.
-I have a house to clean and take care of.
-I have bills to pay and groceries to buy.
-I have to make enough money to support my husband, myself and our expenses.
-I have two callings, both of which require a lot of my time.
-I have to serve the Lord.
-I have to do missionary work.
-I have a house to renovate.
-I am a landlord and have a tenant to deal with.
-I have puppies to pay attention to.
-HART needs my help.
-I have a lot of doctors appointments lately.
-And somewhere in all this I have to find time to dedicate to friends and family, and if I am lucky me?

I can't keep everything straight with how fast you go. I am feeling overwhelmed. Can you please just maybe add a couple hours to each day or pause for while, or heck, maybe you could invent a machine that makes me money so I dont have to work my life away and feel the presure of finances on my solitary shoulders each day. Maybe?

Please get back to me as soon as possible because I fear I may go nuts if you do not.

Yours truly, and waiting in anticipation for something to change,

Leah Karch


  1. "live, laugh, love" always remember the profound words of your blog title during your busy life. may you live laugh and love leah all day long! best wishes, hugs and kisses!

  2. it would be nice if you could pause the time every once in awhile. remember that the great blue book says "thou shalt not run faster than thou hast strength". we're no good if we get run down. take care of yourself. only do the very necessities. anything extra has to wait.

    hugs! <3

  3. i dont think time is going to respond...time doesn't read.

  4. wow, dylan is useles...

    you do everything...i feel so bad. hugs.

  5. hahahaha (at spence's last comment)...secondly are you preggers? lots of doctors appointments? question mark?