Saturday, March 27, 2010

So lucky.

Today I feel LUCKY.
This may not look like much to someone who has their very own real laundry room, but to me this is heaven.

My sweet husband has listened to me complain about how I HATE doing laundry in the icky, dingy, dirty basement so he surprised me with an as-good-as-we-can-get-until-we-can-afford-to-develop-the-basement laundry room.

My heart melted.

He used the cabinets and counter tops that we ripped out of the bathrooms for storage and a folding surface, added a rug so that I didn't have to stand on the concrete and worry about dropping freshly washed clothes on the dirty floor, and even hung a picture to make it feel un-basementy.

And look, these are the dried flowers that I have saved from our first anniversary back when we were just 16! Nice touch Dman.

I am one lucky girl. This reminded me all over again why I married him. I just feel all too blessed that I have a husband that is so in tune with what I need.
He knows me inside and out.


  1. okay... your husband is the sweetest man! From all the posts I've read, I can tell he really loves you. Congrats on getting a laundry room!

  2. lucky girl! you definitely snagged yourself one good hubby. that's so sweet. and it's 100% better than my laundry "room"!

  3. ya. rub it in that you have a washing machine right in your house!!!!

  4. dylan is sooo nice! he knows you well!

  5. what the hell kind of laundry room doesnt have a sink or at least a washbasin?