Monday, March 15, 2010

My master retreat.

So I figured that since I do not want to share pictures of my house until the final product is done, and I am just too anxious to share, that I would let you in project by project, room by room.

The first on the list and a room that I got done right away is our master bedroom. I pretty well brought everything from the condo, and painted it the same color: white!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (did I mention I LOVE) a white bedroom. It feels like I am on vacation everyday!

NOTE: I did not take before pictures of a lot of our renos for some stupid reason - I think I was just too excited to get started. So just picture an UGLY BOX and that is what I started with.

So here she is, my new room:

It's all in the details.......

A little bling bling....

My vintage inspired alarm clock from IKEA. Super cute and super CHEAP!

This used to be in my bathroom, but when gutting the bathroom, we added more cabinets so I did not need this anymore. It serves as a great bedside table don't you think! I might get D-man to cut the legs off a bit cause I think it is a tad too high.

These are the drapes I made:

Out of ivory VELVET!! The master bedroom/love shack is the perfect place for a little bit of luxe and swag in my opinion.

Speaking of luxe/glam, meet my chandelier:

And my mirror with a beveled mirror frame that I got for Christmas. LOVE it.
Please ignore my Saturday house cleaning dress.

Our closet used to look like this:

Until we installed these:

Our PAX wardrobe systems from IKEA. I LOVE them! D-man and I agree: best money we have ever spent. And oh so attractive as well. I went with an off-white shaker style door.

Take a peak inside to witness them in all their glory:

Organization bliss.
There are cubbies for my jewels.

Pull-out hangers for my pants:

And a drawer for my sweaters:

The perfect finishing touch!

The only thing left on my list for this room is a upholstered bench for the end of the bed. Keep an eye out on Kijiji for me...I love a furniture-redo project!

So there you have it: my vacation room in Edmonton. My must-follow rules for a master bedroom:

1. It must be light and airy - who wants to feel like they are sleeping in a cave.
2. It must be romantic.
3. It must be glamorous - leave practicality for the rest of the house. This is your retreat so make sure it feels like one.
4. It must be organized and tidy. Nothing kills the romance like laundry and dirty socks lying all over the floor. (I know, the moms are thinking: 'she has no idea, just wait till she has kids' - and you are right, I am sure it will get a little harder to pick up after two children - get it, Dylan and a kid = 2 children - but I think this is a MUST. I know that I will ALWAYS need a RETREAT and even more so when I have kids.)
5. It must feel like I am on vacation which is achieved by all of the above.

Hope you enjoyed my bedroom tour! Next up: my new mission style doors!

Leah xoxo


  1. I love it! Thats totally how I felt when I picked out our white bedroom furniture when we moved into our house. A bedroom definitely has to feel like a retreat. I'm also dying to get a chandelier put in-so swanky, I love it.

  2. looks great leah! i love white except that i crave for color here in canada. winters are so long. white makes me feel cold. but love, love, love this room. i must wait to have curtains like that. black cat hair just wouldn't look great on those curtains. sigh. :)

    hey, does the ikea alarm clock make a ticking sound?

  3. Love it! I love the feeling of accomplishing a huge project. And about the laundry... I agree, nothing is worse than laundry all over the place, that's why in my "final house" I'm going to make sure they install a laundry shoot!

  4. The alarm clock does tick - not too loudly though.

    And Jenny, that or upstairs laundry!

  5. Love it, love it! Leah you did an amazing job, i cant wait to see the rest of the house! We have one of those PAX systems as well, use to be for our church clothes and now it is going to be the babies closet and it is perfect!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!! white is the perfect "supreme" color!! your "master" is so pure and inviting. i hope the other girls on here arent jealous-- it's not a "race" afterall.

  7. love it! we have the same style! I can't wait to work on my master bedroom!!