Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello thrid trimester!

It's official, I am in the last stages of this pregnancy! Man, time has flown.

Just thought I would share pics of me at 25 weeks since I haven't really shared any. I am big and feeling big time pregnant. Things like putting on my shoes and doing dishes (because I can't stand close to the sink) are getting really hard!

Oh man I don't enjoy these pictures. I have gained 30 pounds.....which is 35% of my body weight, and it shows! Oh well, pudgy faces were cute back in medieval times.

I just can't wait to meet our little girl. SO excited!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tour my house.....finally. Part I

I know, I know, its taken me about a decade to show you the house that we moved into back in December 09, but I didn't want to share until we were done renovations which we just finished a couple months ago.

I thought I would share one room at a time. You have already seen my master bedroom, and the nursery is still in progress and the office, well, its a disaster, so the rooms that I will be sharing, in order, are:

1. Family room/dining room
2. Kitchen
3. downstairs bath
4. Master bath
5. Other little areas like the front entry, etc.

Now, I will preface this with the admission that I am forgetful and didn't take before pics of most rooms. Or I took them but they were of the in between stages.

Furthermore, don't be expecting much. We have an older, little, humble 1200 sq ft house in the ghetto - not a brand new beauty. And I have done the entire house on an EXTREMELY tight budget - like seriously, most people spend on floors what we spent on our entire house. I have just been thrifty - tonnes of DIY projects, sales, kijiji, thrift stores, big boxed stores, and even auctions.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you our family/dining room BEFORE we started decorating/renos, but after we had moved in and I had done some picture hanging and switched out the light in the dining room:


So, I painted (yes I actually did paint - I don't do color on walls so I changed from a beige to an off-white), decorated, and we laid hardwood floors for the AFTER:

So there you have it - my family/dining room.

Hope you enjoyed part one of the tour! Stay tuned for Part II - the kitchen.

Leah xoxo

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nightmare on 35th Ave.....

Pregnancy often brings on VIVID dreams. I am no excpetion. Only mine aren't dreams, they are nightmares. I have about one every other night.

Last night's was the worst yet.

I dreamt that I was in present time, and Dman and I were separated (like as in we don't like eachother anymore separation). It was sad, I yearned for him. After about an hour or so (dream time) of dreaming about that, no storyline change, I started to spot. I called all the people I knew and asked if how much spotting was okay until I should go to the hospital. I wanted so bad to call Dman, but I didn't. Which made me sad.

Everyone told me it was fine, not to worry. But then my spotting got heavier and heavier. I was at my house upstairs in the bathroom and my parents were downstairs when all of a sudden I felt a rush. I reached down and a whole bunch of blood along with my baby came out.

I screamed. "Mom, call 911". I was in hesterics. I held her close to me telling her "you are okay baby girl", "I love you", "you are going to live". And then she slowly shut her eyes and died in my arms.

I woke up sobbing.

Isn't that horrible! What the what!?

These have got to stop.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thanks and a wedding.....

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my last post. It really really helps to hear from other moms, cause I do not know what I am doing here! I really appreciate it!
And check out the latest wedding I did here.

Have a great weekend!

Leah xoxo