Monday, February 8, 2010

My early day of love

Dylan and I decided to hold our Valentine's Day Festivities this past weekend because next weekend we are getting our new PUPPY and we figure we will be too preoccupied with the cutie-pie to want to leave him.

We are pretty tight on money this year (as we were last - Dylan be done with school already!!!) so splurging on some fantastic and enchanting night out was not an option.

Instead we went to WEM and played a fun little game (which do note, would have been held at the most divine store in the whole wide world - Anthropologie - if I had a million dollars).

Do to the absence of said million dollars, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. We walked the store and then had 10 minutes to pick out a present (under $20) for each other that related to our new home. No matter if we did not want the item ourselves. It had to be STRICTLY for the other person.

I got Dylan this:


A Scale.

No, I was not trying to get my husband to loose weight because he doesn't need to (I must say, my hubby has a great bod). He is just a weight watcher, consumed with working out in our basement. Anywho, when we moved I threw out our old yucky one so he really wanted a new one. Hence, the scale.

D-man got me this:


You got it, I now have my very own under-the-bed shoe storage! He thinks I have too many shoes. It was quite thoughtful actually. You see, he also thinks I have too many clothes, and getting this amazing invention will free up space in my PAX wardrobe so that I can fit more clothes.

Or maybe selfish because he doesn't want me inevitably moving in uninvited to his closet space. Hmm. I will go with thoughtful.

Following BBAB we went out for dinner at Earl's. Mama Wilson got us a giftcard to Earl's for Christmas so obviously that was where we were headed for dinner! I got Chili chicken and pan bread and Dylan got baby-back ribs. I got my baby-back, baby-back........... nevermind.

So that was my 2010 Valentine's day. It was fun and cute. Sin fancy. But I was with my lover-boy so that's all that matters right? RIGHT!

Leah xoxo


  1. Leah, you're so cute. I love reading this post! Such a cute idea

  2. it doesn't have to be expensive and elaborate to be very special. simple is better, i think. as long as you are together, everything else is a bonus.

    love the shoe organizer!! i don't have that many shoes (i hate shopping) but i'd still love one. :)