Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Charlie.

This is Charlie.

Charlie is our new little guy. I mentioned here that we were going to have an addition to our family due to the fact that Sadie's breeder offered us a free puppy. Well, here he is!

Isn't he precious!

This is the night we brought him home:

My sister Kailey

With Dad

And Mom.

And Brother.

We already love him to pieces and Tommy has a new best friend. They are so cute together!


He's just a funny little ball of fluff. Thinks he's a lot bigger than he actually is. Tries to pick play fights with Tommy but then runs back to me for protection when Tommy wants to fight back.

And oh the puppy stage and everything that goes along with it. The biting, the peeing, the pooing. Oh yeah, and this dog eats his poop!

As soon as its out, he eats it. I know, what the heck? Maybe he is "special". We love him none-the-less though. Poo eating and all!

Leah xoxo

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  1. Sick about he poo eating but charlie sure is cute! looks darker than sadie? or will he get lighter? anyways cute family!