Friday, August 6, 2010

I warned you...

....that my baby bump is a bit ridiculous.
So here we go. Me at 15 weeks:

I feel like I should be 25 weeks not 15!!!

So far I have gained 15 pounds. YIKES. I haven't been able to put on more than 2 pounds since I was 14!!! I have litterally been the same weight since junior high.

I did a pregnancy weight calculator thingy the other day, and if I continue gaining weight at the same rate, I will gain 60 pounds by the end of my pregnancy!!!

Oh my, oh my.

I am hoping my body is just playing catch up because I was underweight when I got pregnant. LET"S HOPE!!

In other news, I finally went on Diclectin and I feel like I partially got my life back!! I was trying to be strong and not go on any medication because I just didn't want to take anything that could even remotely harm my little bean. But by 3 months, I had had enough of puking my guts out all day every day.

Question for you moms out there: do you ever feel like 'yourself' again?

I mean, I got pregnant and now my body has been taken over by this little alien (who I LOVE), and I keep thinking 'I can't wait just to have him/her so I can have my body back' but that won't really be the case will it? Cause if I am breastfeeding, the boobs will be his/hers. Right now I am a walking incubator, and then I will be a walking smorgasbord, and then we will probably pop out another one.

Or maybe I should take the approach that now I am just more of me - fufilling my eternal role as incubator.

Yup, that's the winner.

Cause seriously, body being taken over aside, this whole pregnancy thing really is a miracle. I just can't stop revelling at the fact that there is a living human inside of me.

Pretty cool.

Anyway, I will try to update more. That is, when I am not passed out on the couch with a migrain, exhaustion, or other perils.

Leah xoxo


  1. Oh leah you look so cute and don't worry about the weight gain seriously sometimes yuo have NO control over it and ever pregnancy is different. Trust me, my first one was hell and was a 60 pd pregnancy and this time completely opposite! You look so cute and even if you gained 60 you would still look normal and cute! i love that you have a baby bump. You know i guessed you were pregnant from your photos from your trip. there was one photo i thought hmm... she could be!
    you're cute, you will feel normal again but your body will be changed, even when you get back in to tip top shape it is changed. That's the sacrafice you give for having babies!
    anyways i want to get together and here all about your pregnancy and catch up!!! you're cute!

  2. hahaha... oh Leah... it begins! You know what, who knows where the weight gain will start and stop, it's so different for everyone, you'll just have to wait and see!

    I think I feel more like myself now. Honestly that beginning part is such a blur... waking up all night, breastfeeding, etc. but once you get into a groove, you'll feel better. and I also made sure I got out a bit, for my sanity. I will also just say this: I think there are two types of pregnant people, those who love being pregnant, and those who don't. I HATED being pregnant, and I felt like it was way easier to have a newborn then be sick and puking, and sweating, and YUCK! So... who knows! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, hooray for Dicletin! Hopefully you'll feel better by the end.

    You'll be great! I can't wait to see you progress, and see that little one.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better, the little belly is adorable!!! As for the body changes, well-I can't comment from experience, but a little side note for after my kids-I'll be putting my body back together. Thank you 21st century for your advances in boob lifts and tummy tucks!! post babies-yes please!

  4. You look so cute!! No matter how your body changes it's all worth it right? hehe!! You do feel normal once might just take some time.

  5. You are the cutest little pregnant lady! You will feel normal again, it just takes some hard work! Its all worth it!