Monday, January 9, 2012

11 months.

I can't believe this is my last age post before she is 1 year. Its sad.
Well, here she is in all her 11 month glory:

We have had a lot of developments this month, namely that white thing in her mouth - yup, my 11 month old FINALLY got her 1st tooth (at about 10.5 months)!
Other recent developments include:

-Waving bye bye

-Full on walking everywhere - no more crawling for this gal

-Playing SUPER shy - which means, on the plus side, she is a lot more cuddly

-Playing peek-a-boo

-Drinking out of a sippy very well now - we figured out that she loves the straw sippy cup versus the traditional kind. Down to just a morning and night time bottle.

-Is in a kind of grumpy stage - don't know if it is the teeth or what, but she is not quite my happy sunshine that she usually is (varies day by day)

-Still sleeping like a rock 8pm - 7:30/8am with a 2-3 hour nap in the day

And just for fun, here is a walking video (don't mind me CRASHING into toys as I walk backwards!!)


  1. That is seriously the CUTEST video I have ever seen! I bet it's even more precious to see such a tiny one walking around in person! Way to go Hadley!

  2. So cute! Look at all her hair coming!!!! Total grumpy stage I think teething and being super shy is normal at this age. Talia same thing! Love this photo! What a little walker- so early!