Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tour my house: Part IV.......the nursery!

Well, as the countdown/wait continues, I thought I would share pictures of the nursery. Its completely done and just waiting for a little baby to arrive.

So here it is looking in from the door (so hard to get pics of small rooms):

Her little blessing dress from Mexico:

Modge-podged these plates for a cute little plate wall:

Made the mobile:

Quilt and all bedding made by my mom and sister - thanks guys!:

Crib Skirt:

Crib sheet:

Recovered the rocking chair and ottoman:

I has this little side table that is hand painted on the top, but the colors did not go with the nursery. I couldn't bring myself to paint over it so instead I just covered it with scrapbooking paper:

Here is a close up of what we did on the walls. I really am not a fan of just painting a wall one flat color - I need more interest and depth. So I decided I wanted to do 5 foot board and batton style paneling and on top of that wallpaper. However, wallpaper is expensive and I could not find one that met what I was looking for, so instead I made a stencil and PAINSTAKINGLY stenciled the entire room. It only took me about a month........

And this is a closer view of the board and batton paneling. I LOVE it - I want to cover my entire house in it:

So that's it! Now all we need is the baby to use it! 3 days and counting. I have a feeling I will be late though - if that's the case then my induction date is Feb 4th. Ugh, that feels like an eternity away!

Any tips to get labor moving?


  1. Right now I hate you. That room is beyond adorable. Can you design my son's bedroom for me?? keeping in mind that my budget is 0$. This looks amazing. I love the stencil, and the plates on the wall, and the lamp, and the blessing dress and everything. Amazing. and I remember asking a nurse once what I could do to get the labor going and she said to me "nothing... it comes when it comes... but if I had to say one thing it would be sex"... which did NOT work for me... but I've heard worked for others. I say make a list of all the things you want to get done before the baby comes (a huge list) and occupy every moment of your day on that so you don't think about how it feels like an eternity. I can't wait to see the babe.

  2. Leah the room turned out adorable! I love it! I absolutely love the colours you did it in and everything else about it too...it looks like all the hard work has paid off! good work! I cant wait to see the little baby in there though! Thats what makes it more sweet!

  3. Oh my word Leah! That is such a beautiful nursery!! I just love it.
    I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little girl when she comes!

    Tips for getting labour moving... I have no idea. They come when they're ready. I heard eating pineapple helps??

  4. it's beautiful! love the room. get your membranes stipped, see if that works! good luck!

  5. I've gotta say it would be kinda cool if she was late because your induction date is the same day as my birthday :P But really I just pray she comes along when she is ready and all goes well for you guys!

  6. leah! wow. i've been looking for wallpaper too...not having the best of luck...so i figured, stencil is too hard. i will just paint that half pink...you are crazy!! it looks awesome though. good for you. and i love the little mobile! and the plates are super cute. good job!

  7. beautiful! I love that mobile!! so cute. and the walls must have taken forever! good work!

  8. Love the plate walll so much that I featured it on my blog today. :)