Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretty blooms for a rainy day.

The other night Dman and I took the mutts for a walk to the dogpark. Next to the Temple the dog park is my favorite place on earth. The walk through the ravine is lovely and I just love watching the boys play and skip with excitement.
Anywho, the paths were lined with an abundant amount of fragrant cherry trees in bloom so I decided to pick a few, and brought them home to rest in my antique milkjug find:

We were walking back to the car and some old dude says to me:

"I see you've been picking the lilac" - in a very annoyed sort of way. I replied "Yup, isn't it beautiful" in an ignorant sort of way. Mind your own business old guy.

Flowers always brighten my day, especially this gloomy one! And it just so happens that on this long weekend my mom and I are going flower shopping! Can't wait to fill my empty gardens.

Have a great long weekend!

Leah xoxo

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  1. the flowers are from a bird-cherry tree, not a lilac. we have that tree out front. it's too bad the flowers only bloom for a very short time. i'd love to see and smell them for a long time.

    i love peonies. they seem to grow all on their own and i haven't been able to kill them. i'm terrible with flowers.