Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DIY sunburst mirror

For the longest time I have wanted a sunburst mirror, however this has simply remained a want because these puppies run a pretty penny - like $200 - $300 pretty.
Until the other day when I thought to myself: Leah, you can make this.
So I went to Homesense and picked up a round mirror for the centre for $14 dollars. Then I proceeded to Michaels to pick up some wood dowels for the 'burst' for about $10 and a can of gold spray paint for $7.
Grand total: $31 for this:

Do you love it as much as I do?? I am soooooo excited about it!

It only took me about an hour and a half to cut the dowels to size, measure out my spacing, glue gun them on, and give the whole thing a coat of shiny gold paint.

High impact for low cost and time - sounds like a good deal to me!

(and on a side note - the house is almost done so reveal pictures are coming soon!)

Have a great day!

Leah xoxo


  1. We need an open house or a house party or something to see your place! you've kept us waiting so i think the viewers deserve to see the real deal! love the mirror!

  2. what a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Can you show us a picture of the back please!!! I'd love to make one too.

  3. Hi! I know this post is nearly two years old but I stumbled upon it via pinterest and I too, am attempting to make a sunburst mirror. Do you mind sharing what size dowels you used? Or more importantly, what are the various lengths that you cut your dowels? Out of the (hundreds!!) of tutorials I've seen, I really like yours the best. Thanks so much!