Friday, April 23, 2010

My little herb garden

I long for fresh summer cooking with organically grown ingredients and fresh herbs. But I live in Edmonton where the growing season starts late, so this year I came up with a cute solution:

My windowsill herbs!

I chose to plant parsley, basil, and chives (my favorite summer-cooking herbs)

In order to be budget savy I used 3 little IKEA vases that I had kickin around from our wedding and filled them up with some potting soil.

Then I made these cute little tags and secured them onto popsicle sticks:

Then I planted my seeds and tagged them, and voila, a little herb garden.

I planted a couple weeks ago and I already have some sprouts! My chives are growing like weeds. But they sure aren't going to taste like weeds. Mmmmmmm I can taste them already........grilled baby potatoes with herbs, grilled lemon basil chicken, herb bicuits, strawberry arugala and basil salad.......yum!

Happy cooking!

Leah xoxo


  1. cut blog Leah! I shall add you to my stalking list!

  2. i've thought of doing this but never have. i want to grow lettuce in the winter. then i'd like to try sprouting. one of these days i'll get to it. cute tags!