Friday, April 9, 2010

I need your help.

Okay bloggers, today I need your help to make a decision.

While doing all of our renos in the back of my mind is always resale because I know that we are not going to be here forever (actually probably only a few years depending on where Dman gets into school).
So, while I have TOTALLY stayed true to my style when picking out things such as doors, tile, cabinets, countertops, etc, etc, I have also tried to stay somewhat neutral for resale.
I want to spice it up a bit in the living/dining room with something on the walls (I am so over plain painted walls) - wallpapaer is out for me because I feel that it is too specific to someone's taste and not a good option for me if we are going to be selling in a couple years. So I have decided that I am going to do a panelling of some sort - where I need your help is deciding between two styles. I know which one I want to do but I need to know what potential buyers would like.

Pretend like you are in the market to buy a house - which one do you like or does one turn you off? Or do you even like either?

Option #1:


Option #2
6 foot panelling

Images courtesy of 'Just Beachy'

What do you think? Comments PLEASE!

Leah xoxo


  1. I love them both! But I think the Wainscotting would appeal to more people. The 6 foot panelling is something more taste-specific and some people might find it inhibits how they want to decorate, or how they'd want to hang pics on the walls.

  2. neither for me but don't listen to me. i have weird taste. :D

  3. Wainscotting... for sure. I like both, but I think most people would prefer wainscotting.

  4. I have a feeling you prefer the 6 foot panelling and it really goes with your style. I can tell just looking at the post right before this one. BUT i agree with the other two ladies and have to say that more buyers would prefer Wainscotting and it still goes with everything perfectly! With the Wainscotting, a buyer can come in and see tons of potential like, wallpapering the top half but with the 6 foot panels, painting or taking down is the only option. Wainscotting would be cheaper anyways and you can spend the savings on accessories (things you can take with you when you move!

  5. I agree 100% with Tara. Only because I know that if my parents were looking to buy, they would love the wainscotting and probably not even consider a house with the 6ft panelling- though I would love it! Good luck!

  6. mmm, i am usually not for pannelling. but i actually like the wainscotting one. as someone else already said, you probably like the tall ones, don't you?! but you love white, and it makes less room for someone to be able to paint the colour that they would want in there. but tha'ts ust my opinion! take it or leave it