Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mommy wow, I'm a big girl now!

Its been a while.  A long while.  I have completely fallen off the blogging train.  We are just sooooo stinkin' busy around here.  So this video is a month old but I thought it is too cute not to share, and I figured its about time I do a Hadley update.

Here is our little munchkin all grown up and using a fork!!!  Picked it up in a day and hasn't looked back since!

Other facts about Hadley at 15 months:

-goes up and down slides all by herself!! And says "weeee" on the way down. Talk about a 'oh my gosh my baby isn't a baby moment'!
-Screams "dad" when he gets home and runs to the door in excitement
-Laces her own shoes.......she pulls the laces out and then will sit and lace them right back up...perfectly too...no joke
-Is constantly bringing me her shoes to go outside
-Waves and says hi to everyone, everywhere we go
-Waves her doll's hand and says hi for her doll

She is such an independent little girl.  Will walk off anywhere all by herself.  But she listens well so when I say come back or hold my hand, she usually obeys.  And she is turning into quite the little daddy's girl.  Its pretty cute.  And Dman loves it.

That's our Hads right now.  Growing and developing faster than I can keep up!

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  1. Hadley is like the perfect independent little girl, she listens so good.