Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 year.

The Hads is one year old!!!!

I cannot believe it. I have a toddler. What the what!?
Time seriously goes by too quickly.

At one year old (gasp - it feels weird to say that) recent developments include:

-Treating mommy and daddy to some wake-ups in the middle of the night....we think its due to hunger and we think we have it under control, but the wake-ups lasted for about 3 weeks/a month and I thought I was going to die!
-Has recently started to pick up and put away her toys when I ask! YES!
-Her clingyness has started to cease, but she is still super shy
-Has added spinning in circles to her dancing repertoire
-Sits on the couch, church bench, you name it, beside me like a big girl
-Waves "all done" when she is done eating
-Is increasingly becoming more and more cuddly. Mommy loves it!
-Tries to climb out of the bathtub
-New favorite snack is soggy cheerios in the bathtub

And, along with turning one year old, comes a birthday party!!! We did a farm animal themed one:

I had to add some pink to the overall slightly boyish theme, so I made some pompoms, and threw in some pick streamers and balloons:

Made these fun tags for the farm food:

I used the monthly pictures that I have been taking of my girl, and clothes pinned them to some ribbon for a super cute banner:

Opening presents:

And the piece de resistance - the cake that took me 4 1/2 hours to decorate:

H-puppy is one of our girl's many nicknames around here, and since she loves dogs, I thought it fitting to do a bone smash cake.

And here she is smashing and eating the cake:

When the party died down, I just sat in a daze. I could not believe that my baby was one year old, her party had come and gone, and that was that. I have a one year old.

I see bright things for our Hadley in the next year to come!
We love you baby girl!


  1. My kids are super impressed wit your cake (as am I). Ashlyn was whinning and calmed right down when she saw the picture of Hadley. Such a cute party!

  2. This it's just amazing!! your daughter is beautiful and the ideas for her birthday are amazing!!!