Thursday, May 19, 2011

The forgotten.

I forgot to share these pictures. I took them about 3 weeks ago but they are just so darn cute that I can't not share them.

Oh how I love my girl!

Dman says I should have put a headband on her cause she looks like a boy in these pictures so if that is what you are thinking, I have already been told! I say phhhhhhht to that. She is adorably girly.

PS - Isn't it funny how when people have babies their blogs feature nothing else. I have fallen into that trap - can't help it though!



  1. Leah, I am Dylan's cousin, Carly. I sometimes stop by your blog but have never commented before, but I just had to say she is SO darling!! (and totally girly)

  2. ha! it's so true about blogs being about kids! but really it's 95% of your life for now and they're just so fun and cute. great photos!

  3. ah! i love the third picture! haha. so many expressions. so cute!

  4. so cute! of course she's a girl, you aren't exposing any nipples so there. Love the "home alone" face! :)

  5. Leah she is one beautiful baby! I loved these pictures, her expressions are so cute.