Friday, May 15, 2009


About two months ago, we added a new member to our family named Sadie. Her purpose was to curb my recent baby cravings......didn't really work. She is a cock-a-poo (cocker spaniel / poodle mix) and an absolute bundle of energy! We laugh because she totally decieved us when we were at the breeders picking a puppy - she was so calm, so cute, and so submissive - that wore off about a week after we brought her home. This dog is MENTAL! We litterally think she is posessed by the devil. She likes to bite and fight things, most of all hands, and when we tell her NO, she makes this wierd growling/whining noise and jumps around as if she is telling the devil inside of her "no, don't bite" but the devil is saying "yes, do it" - its like this wierd internal battle that she is having. And sometimes we will just be sitting watching TV or something and out of no where Sadie will get up and start sprinting, and I do mean sprinting, around the condo, darting from the living room to the kitchen to the spare bathroom to the master bedroom to the ensuite and then back to the living room to do it all over again, all the while barking and growling. So funny! She also steals everything from you - food as you are bringing it to your mouth, clothes as you are putting them on, toilet paper as you are tearing it off the roll....anything and everything! We love her though because she is such a smart/unique/intuitive dog. She is the only dog I have ever met who will stare you in the eyes and not break eye contact. Like when she wants something or feels sorry about something she will make direct contact until her point has been proven.
All in all she really is a bundle of joy. She makes us laugh all the time. She also loves me more than Dylan so that makes me happy. She follows me everywhere I go and whines when I go too far away from her. Here are some pictures of our little Sadie

This was the first day she was home with us, when her toy was as big as she was!

Bathtime with Bella! hehe I LOVE this picture.

She has blue eyes which is pretty unique for a dog. I have never seen it before.

This picture kills me - this is her 'I'm in trouble, please forgive me' look.

See, she trys to steal everything, even my camera.
Leah :)


  1. Hey Beautiful Friend,

    Congrats on your blog baby. :D

    Sadie is THE CUTEST puppy ever.

    And you and Dylan are the cutest couple ever.

    And your home is the cutest home ever.