Monday, March 11, 2013

2 years old

I have a 2 year old.

Oh my.

I really cannot believe that 2 years have gone by since this spunky, sweet little girl entered our lives.
It makes me feel kinda old!!

Given that I had a one month old baby, her party was pretty low key.  Just dollar store streamers and balloons for decorations and a big pot of chili for dinner!  I still did a fun cake cause that is my goal for each of my children for their birthdays.  Growing up my mom did an awesome cake for us each birthday and its something that I looked forward to every year and something that made me feel special so I aim to do the same with my kids.  I have realized everything else is too much work and overrated though!! haha

Hadley made 2 requests for her birthday - a "pink ella (elephant) cake", and a "birday hat". 
So that's what she got!

The birthday girl in her birthday hat.

And her pink elephant cake

Soooooo excited to see her cake

And not so sure about blowing out the candle on her cake.

 But LOVING eating the cake!

The funny thing was that after the cake had been dismembered and eaten, she was studying the cake and told me in a very concerned voice, "Mommy, cake all gone", as if we had just killed a friend.

We went in for Hadley's 2 year check up and her pediatrician deemed her as "extremely advanced".  I knew my kiddo was smart but I was surprised that she was that advanced.  She passed all of the 2 year check marks, all of the 3 year, and got some of the 4 year ones. I was pretty proud.

At 2 hadley is:
-Full on talking.  I understand everything she says and there is nothing she can't say.  That being said, I have to translate for some people!
-Knows all of her colors
-Can count to 10
-Knows the letter H and that Hadley starts with the letter H
-Knows every single animal and what noise they make
-POTTY TRAINED!!!! (a week after her birthday)
-Hasn't been taking naps since 19 months
-Goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 7-7:30am
-Is IN LOVE with all animals but her favorite right now is elephants
-Puts on any hat and gets me to sing happy birthday
-Loves to go to the store (even though she is a terror at the store), the doctor, and church
-Plays little mommy ALL day long by nursing her baby, changing diapers, rocking her baby, feeding her baby, giving her baby time outs, fixing her baby's ouies, etc, etc.
-Loves to sing and dance
-Has tons of energy, but for the most for the most part, doesn't really get into a whole lot of trouble, just needs to be doing something ALL the time
-Doesn't really love TV but when she does watch it, watches Dora, Sesame Street, Leap Frog Learning center, and Barney
-Tests me to no end with her attitude
-26 pounds (15th percentile)
-50th percentile for weight
-And that big old noggin is still 90th percentile 

For Hadley's 1st birthday I made a slideshow of her first year and she loved it soooooooo much.  Like her whole second year of life she would watch it 2-15 times a day. No joke.  So I figured I had to make one for her second birthday too! Here it is:

Hadley 2nd Birthday Slideshow

And just for fun, her first year slideshow:

Hadley 1st Birthday Slideshow 


  1. What a sweet post about little (big) Hadley! I think you're right. No reason to go crazy with birthday stuff. I only do decorations because I enjoy it. The elephant cake is super adorable! What a great idea to do a slide show. I've thought of doing that for New Year's Eve tradition. Hadley is so blessed to have a mom like you!

  2. Awe she is too cute! What a fun little girl you have.