Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 months.

Double digits what the what!?
I know I say it every month but I cannot believe we are here.

Here is the Hads at 10 months:

Oh boy oh boy she is a BUSY girl. Would NOT sit still for this picture and definitely wont lay on her back for them anymore. Her new favorite game is called "chase me". HA! Is she really that old already? Can someone pinch me.

Recent developments:

-WALKING!! Just steps for now, but walking nonetheless! The furthest her little legs have taken her so far is about 2 meters.

-Playing "chase me" (crawling though - she gets more speed that way)

-Has turned into a picky eater. Great!

-Trying to wean her off her bottle and to a sippy.......I can already tell it is going to take MONTHS hence why we are starting a little early!

-Gives high fives on demand (unless she doesn't want to of course)

-Flips the pages of books when we read.

-Reads books to herself - SO cute!

-Down to one afternoon nap a day.

That's about it. I will post a video of "chase me" later.


  1. Wow she is just early for everything! Seems more like 13 month stage!!!! So crazy! Look at all that hair growth fun!

  2. Awe her hair is getting longer! So cute. Does she have any teeth yet?