Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I think there should be a resource out there that is REAL and not some book off the shelf that can tell me all of the things I really need to know about this baby/new life that is speedily coming my way. But since I haven't found that, I am turning to YOU!

I need some answers!!

So, question #1: what are the "things" that you could not live without. That I should definately buy before the little gal comes. Like anything.....the other day I thought of nail clippers....stuff like that, that I wouldn't think of.

#2: Should I take prenatal classes? I think I have decided no on this one cause I don't want to get scared and stressed out about the impending pain and labor, but I still want opinions.

#3: In the dead of winter (ie. I am due in January) do I need one of those full body jacket/snowsuit bag thingys or if I have a car seat cover (you know, the fur lined ones) and a blanket and warm clothes, should the baby be fine?

#4: What clothes should I buy? I hear from some people to not buy much because I will get a whole bunch from people, but I have no hand-me-downs coming my way, so this makes me feel very unprepared. But I also have a small budget so I can't go hog wild.

I think that's about it for now. I would REALLY appreciate INPUT! Please!

Leah xoxo


  1. hahaha Leah, you're too funny. I'll do my best.

    1. lansenoh nipple cream... trust me. and make sure they give you a squirt bottle at the hospital to take home to make it easier to pee.

    2. I didn't. sooooo... I have no thoughts on this.

    3. I used the liner thingy with no full body suit, and Milo was cookin in the car seat. I just made sure he was fully dressed. I mean... you're not going to take your newborn baby out and play in the snow, so i think the liner is just fine.

    4. I think if you're going to buy one type of clothing in the dead of winter for your newborn, it should be sleepers. because the stuff you'll be getting at baby showers is the cute clothes.

    I hope that helps you. Can't wait to see the little one.

  2. Good Questions.
    I will give you my thoughts...
    1. I love my nursing cover. Perfect for when people come and see you and you don't want to go in the other room and nurse and have to leave the party. Also perfect for church and when you have to nurse outside of a store in your car.
    Swing! I didnt want to get one, didnt have the room and no funds. But i was loaned one for a few months and it was a life saver. BUT not all babies like them i have heard, if you can find one second hand or borrow one, it is worth it to have.
    2. This one was totally me. I didn't want to take them at all. I thought it was better to go into the whole thing blind! BUT Scott and his mom convinced me to sign up. Which i did... and i am sooo glad i did! I did the 6 week class, but sadly missed the last 2 classes because Boston came 4 weeks early. I will admit there was times during the class that i felt sick, like i was going to puke (scott too) but over all good experience. Never showed the birthing video, guess it depends on your instructor. I just felt more relaxed taking the classes. Felt more prepared. I understood my options and realized things that i didn't even think about.
    3. I have no idea on this one. Haven't experienced winter yet.
    4. Don't buy anything! Unless it is super cute. I got so many clothes from family and friends. It got to the point Boston didnt wear everything or only wore something once. I got a few tiny sleepers to borrow since i didnt plan a small baby. But other than that everything else was new and i barely bought any of it. I found that i buy some stuff now, more shirts than anything. Also with wonderful parents and in laws, i am able to tell them what i am missing and lacking. At first i thought that was rude but i have learned that if they are going to buy Boston something now, it might as well be something i really need! For my shower in Calgary, we did a "Boston's wish list". With the invite they sent a list with 3 things on it boston wished for. Diapers & Wipes, Money for a stroller and books! I was soooooo happy we did that. Considering what i just said about the amount of clothes i had, if i didn't do that, i would have had twice as much. For my Edmonton shower, i didn't have a theme, so got tons of cute stuff there.

    Hope this helps in some way! Good luck!

  3. 1. A swing! Emily loooved her swing (but like Tara said, not all babies do) - some nights it was the only thing that put her to sleep. Also, Boudreaux's Butt Paste. The king of all diaper creams.

    2. I didn't take a prenatal class. Not knowing what was coming my way was actually less stressful! That way, I didn't have good OR bad expectations. Some people are the complete opposite... if they DON'T know what to expect then they're stressed. SO, I think either way would be fine, depending on your personality! Honestly, now that I know what to expect... I'm even MORE nervous for my next one. Weird, I know.

    3.I think just a car seat cover would be fine. I never bundled Emily up too much 'cause she'd just sweat buckets (and I live in Saskatoon! -50 winters!) I would just put socks on her feet under her sleepers.

    4. Just buy a few sleepers! That's all they live in for the majority of their first few months anyway. I bought WAY too many clothes for Emily, and she didn't even end up wearing half of them 'cause she grew too quickly!

    Have fun!

  4. 1. There's a little kit at superstore that has stuff like a medicine dropper, thermometer, etc. It's Safety First brand, and it's awesome 'cause you can stick all your little things like baby tylenol, nail clippers, baby combs etc. in it too. I love it.( And you will probably want to have some liquid baby tylenol on hand before your baby's 2 month shots.)

    2. I didn't take a prenatal class either, and I honestly didn't feel like I missed anything. As long as you have a mom or friend to bounce your ideas/concerns off of, that's good enough.

    3. Car seat cover will be just fine as long as you tuck a blanket around your baby too.

    4. Along with sleepers in 0-3 and 3-6month sizes, I would make sure to forsure get onsies in the same sizes to wear under the sleepers to keep your baby extra warm.

    5.For the hospital - Make sure you have a long robe and slippers with soles on them so when you're at the hospital you feel comfortable. And don't forget to bring a couple diapers of your own, 'cause they use the cloth ones at the hospital, but you need to have something to put on for when you leave for home.

  5. things i loved with sienna: plug-in wiper warmer (keeps the wipes warm, no cold shock for the little bottom), nose spray thingy from the pharmacy (has dolphins on the bottle, can't remember the name of it for the life of me, it's basically for stuffed up nose, sprays "salty" water or something gently in the nose and clears the snot out = baby can breath and sleep, i HATED those suction thingys, they never worked well, if i had to choose just one, i'd choose this nose spray), another tip: sienna hated taking medicines, i just mixed them with little bit of water in her bottle and she drank it that way, trying to spray them in her was NOT working, we loved our swing too but i wouldn't let the baby sleep in them, they need to get used to sleeping in their crib right away, other might disagree on that though, one of those things you have to decide yourself, some babies sleep anywhere and any time, some don't no matter what (like our sienna)... if i think of something else, i'll come back and add more. :)
    i wouldn't worry about a snowsuit. the covers work great and you don't want your baby to sweat. but always make sure the baby's neck and head are covered in the cold.
    don't buy too many clothes as you'll be getting lots i'm sure plus they really do grow so quickly. so many sienna's clothes went unused. honestly. comfy sleepers is what i'd get too and maybe one or two nicer outfits.
    i could probably find some hand me downs to give you. i'm saving too many clothes for sienna. she won't need "them all"...
    oh, those robeez (spelling???) leather slippers are the best but you won't need them until the baby starts crawling etc.
    i have one of those diaper genies and you're welcome to have it if you'd like.
    i never liked having a changing table. for some reason i just liked changing sienna on the floor. i made handtowel+material diaper changing pads.
    mattress covers for the crib!
    you need to come over one evening and have a look at what i have and if you'd like some of it. just warn me ahead of time so that i make sure i know where everything is. :)

  6. Hey Leah, I know I don't actually have a child out of me yet, soon enough. But if you are going to get a book to fall back on I would recommend "The Baby Book" By William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears R.N. It has the answer for every question I could ever think of and more,and it was that expensive, I got mine from Chapters and I LOVE it!

    Also a thought on prenatal classes, I took mine from a Doula who teaches them, and they were more one on one. I found them to be helpful and I think that it is great that I feel like I will being going into the whole labour thing with a good knowledge base behind me, knowing what I want to happen and know what probably will/could happen.

    I really like the idea Tara had for her shower, naming specific things that they would like, I wish I would have thought of that.

    I hope this helped a little, good luck.

  7. Hey...so although I haven't had a baby I have input based on my parents' experience having me in February during a cold winter.

    Just one simple thing. Make sure to pack, either in your hospital bag or in the car you plan to take, an extension cord so Dylan can plug the vehicle in while you are in the hospital. My dad could barely start his car the morning after I was born and thats not something you want to deal with after having a child I'm assuming.

    Ciao dahling!