Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Back!!

It's been a looooooong time since I last posted. Why? Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y!! Let's see...where to begin.
At the end of November I started a new job. And I LOVE it! Its great. My hours are cut back and it is not so corporate as my last job.. I am now working in property management at ING and I think I have found my place in the work world! Management (ie. bossing people around) + Leah = HAPPY!
Then Dylan started Finals (which I am happy to say he did splendidly on - good job honey!) and meanwhile we were in the process of buying a HOUSE! That's right folks, we are now proud houseowners! Here she is, our humble abode at 4528-35 Ave:

I know it doesn't look like much, but this is our first house and we are in-LOVE! I mean I have my own doorbell! And that my friends is the most exciting thing to happen since press-n-seal Ziploc containers. Other reasons I love my new house:
1. My previously mentioned doorbell
2. My very own mailbox
3. A front door
4. A backyard
5. Two levels so that when I cook my bedroom doesn't smell like dinner
6. 300 sq ft more than our condo
7. Dylan and I own it TOGETHER
8. A driveway
9. A room dubbed "the nursery" (no that is not a hint about anything - just something to look forward to)
10. All of the sweet memories that we are going to make here at 4528.

I will share some interior pics later but right now we are in the process of doing some renovations so I will wait to 'reveal' the final product.

A couple weeks after the house Christmas hit and we were NOT READY! We were so busy with moving that I didn't really get the chance to prepare for Christmas. But I got an awesome Christmas tree on clearance after Christmas so to make up for this year, I am going to have to set up extra early next year. I can just hear Dylan cringing!

Much more to update on but alas, I have to run - picture editing is calling! Talk to you tomorrow.....yes I AM going to update this EVERYDAY. Or at least every other.... :)



  1. Hooray for making it back to the blogging world! That's so exciting that you own a house! Woo Hoo for reaching a new level in your life!

  2. good to have you back. so happy about your new job and this house will be one amazingly beautiful home once you're done with renovating. if you miss the renovating once it's done, you're welcome to come and transform our home. :) love you!

  3. Cute house! Can't wait to see the inside!