Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kailey's Grad

This past weekend my baby sister graduated from highschool. The thing is, she will always be my baby sister to me, so seeing her graduate was kind of sureal for me. I know that life is a progression and we all get older but its been a hard adjustment for me to see Kailey as an adult - not because she doesn't deserve it, because she does, but because I have always mothered her, and felt a sort-of duty to look out for her (could be because of the 5 year difference in age). Seeing her as an adult means giving up part of my identity as big sister, role model, icon and that is wierd for me because I have been all that for so long. You know, I am okay with it though. I am excited for her to grow into adulthood so that we can strengthen the bond of friendship between us. So that we can grow as adults together.

Well, the day was great, and I took on the role of photographer extraordinare. Dylan says that I like photography because it allows me to boss people around (one thing I love doing) while doin another thing I love. But I think my bossiness paid off - I got a lot of great shots. These are just some of them, I am still editing a lot so, more to come!

Leah :)

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  1. Cute pictures Leah. Grads sure are a lot more fancy now than when I graduated... Not that I'm old or anything... Ok, I admit. I am. :)